Me at waterfront, with my super cool Sector 9 longboard. We went cruisin’ at waterfront with my buddy Abby last week. If you were there, you may or may not have seen some amateur longboarders. Or they might’ve been pros. 🙂
I have a feeling this summer I’ll be longboarding A LOT. It’s super relaxing and exciting at the same time. And it’s actually a decent workout! My legs were sore after. lol. Sorry for the bad pic quality (it’s off a phone)
I don’t know why, but this song totally makes me wanna go cruise the streets.

– Irina



So I recently bought the White Flag CD from Passion 2012, and I must say.. it is amazinngg. All these songs about surrendering all to God. “we raise our white flag, we surrender all to YOU, all for YOU!!” have kept me thinkin about whether I have surrendered all to God. Honestly, I like to think so, but in reality I haven’t. There are still things I hold on to that I think will bring me happiness. In light of the coming Resurrection Sunday, it’s awesome to know that Jesus defeated sin once and for all and He is the one who lives inside of us. We belong to Him alone. Forever.

Here’s one of my favs from the cd. Yahweh.


I never want to lose focus. That it’s all about Jesus. No matter how mundane my life may seem (work, school, church, band, etc.) I want to see Jesus in everything. By HIS precious blood I am washed clean. It is to HIM that I owe my life. So why would I even waste any of my affections on things that don’t matter?? If I value HIM above all, then it is such a joy to get up in the morning and worship HIM in all I do. He is so worthy.



This is phenomenable. I just discovered how awesome it is reading ebooks. Even though I still respect and love reading a book in hand, I think I’ll get through many books using this Kindle reader. Download it for yourself here.

Here are some books I recommend:

Transforming Prayer

Into the Den of Infidels


God with us

“He is the risen Son of God, offering life to me and you

Advent: God With Us from The Village Church on Vimeo.

just stumbled upon this sweet band, from their latest album Comfort and Joy.


lets see if I can keep this up for a week:

joggin every night (10 miles, no biggie)
replace coffee w/tea (my coffee consumption is getting out of hand o:)
being in bed by 10:30 (i’ve yawned enough times this week to be set for life)

hmm.. what else should I add to this list..
oh. save money. that’s always a good habit to practice.

thought these few disciplines might make my life a bit easier.. 🙂 I’ll let y’all know how it goes

when death dies…

super stoked to see them in concert next week