ok, well dude, a while ago i was reading this awesome book called Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce. In his notebook of prayers, Wilberforce writes:

“Lord, thou knowest that no strength, wisdom or contrivance of human power can signify, or relieve me. It is in they power alone to deliver me. I fly to thee for succor and support, O Lord let it come speedily; give me full proof of thy Almighty power; I am in great troubles, insurmountable by me; but to thee slight and inconsiderable; look upon me O Lord with compassion and mercy, and restore me to rest, quietness, and comfort, in the world, or in another by removing me hence into a state of peace and happiness. Amen.”

Another time, Wilberforce wrote in his diary:

“Three or four times have I most grievously broke my resolutions since I last took up my pen. Alas! alas! how miserable a wretch am I! How infatuated, how dead to every better feeling yet-yet-yet-may I, Oh God, be enabled to repent and turn to thee with my whole heart, I am now flying from thee. Thou hast been above all measure gracious and forgiving.”

All I have to say about this is WOW. He is so strong in his faith. He truly understands who he is before God, and how Almighty and Sovereign God is. May we all grow in the Lord as William Wilberforce did.



2 Comments on “huh”

  1. that is SUCH an AWSOME book

  2. irinapopov says:

    really? you’ve read it before?

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