Yeah well today I began reading a book by the amazing JONATHAN EDWARDS. It is called To The Rising Generation. In this book, Edwards talks about how God is most glorified when people turn to Him at a young age and diligently seek Him. When a teenager turns to God, he has a longer time to live for the glory of God, than an older person. Johnathan Edwards really encourages the youth to seek God during this time of their lives, instead of pursuing pleasures and activites that most teens are interested in.

Excerpts from To The Rising Generation:

“DOCTRINE: Early piety (devotion, godliness) is especially acceptable to God.

REASON 1. Those who are pious early dedicate the flower of their life to God… Our youth is on several accounts the best part of our lives. Then nature is in its bloom, farthest from any decay; then the body is most lively, active, and beautiful, and the powers of the mind are in some respects more sprightly. And it is very pleasing to God when persons offer Him such a sacrifice as themselves in their youth… This is more to the glory of God than it is to spend all the best of life in the service of Satan, and in slavery to lust, and then to come in our old age and offer to God an old, decayed body and mind that have been almost worn out in the service of sin…

REASON 2. It is what is especially pleasing to God because it is exceedingly most suitable that we should begin our lives with God. All things should begin with God, for He is the beginning of all things…

REASON 3. When persons are pious early, more of their life is given to God than if they began later; and upon this account early piety is peculiarly acceptable… It is better to spend the greater part of the life in God’s service than only a little at the latter end.

REASON 4. By this means a great deal of sin is prevented. When people don’t give their youth to God, but spend it all in sin and the service of the devil, what a sin do such people commit… But how much of this would be prevented if they sought and feared the Lord early, if they repented of sin and forsook it, and heartily yielded themselves to God and His service?…

REASON 5. Such are more likely to be imminent in holiness. They have more time to grow in grace, and not only that, but they also have more advantages in that they haven’t those hindrances to growing in grace that others have. If persons live long in sin, though they are converted at last, yet they still have the ill habits that they contracted while they lived in sin…They won’t be so likely to be Christians of the right sort as those who are converted in their youth.”

“I earnestly exhort the young people here present that they would from hence be moved soon to seek early piety. Consider how reasonable this is, and here give me leave a little to expostulate. Can anything be more reasonable than that you should give God your youth? If you set reason to work, can you think anything other than that it is foolish for you to venture as you will do by putting this off?

If you should spend your youth in the sins and vanities of youth, can you rationally think that you shall therby get anything that will make your life more comfortable by it? Can you rationally think that you will have more comfort and pleasure by this means than if you spent your life in duties and exercises of piety, or even that your youth will be more comfortable and pleasant by it?”

Well, those were only few of the excerpts that I thought were really amazing for the youth to know. So God bless you all, and may all of you seek early devotion, godliness, and follow Jonathan Edwards advice. This is very pleasing to God, so while we are yet young, may we all grow in the knowledge of our God, and diligently seek Him.

Glory be to God,



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  1. irina.. i love you for writing even though no one replys

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