Resolved 2009


I recently attended the Resolved 09 Conference in Palm Springs, CA. It is hosted by Grace Church from Los Angeles, CA. It was an amazing experience, the fellowship, the worship, the sermons, all of it. Worship led by Enfield, was very Christ-Centered and powerful. The sermons also were gospel-centered, and I was convicted of my own sins a lot. I’m thankful for this conference! I pray that I will be able to apply all of the things I learned there with all diligence!

Here are the free sermon downloads from the conference:

I encourage everyone to listen to these sermons! Enjoy!



2 Comments on “Resolved 2009”

  1. Lena Leksunkin says:

    Hey Irina –

    Thank you for providing the link to the media. For some reason i was unsecessful in locating it on the website. I very much want to listen to those messages.
    Are you having a good time applying things (as you mentioned in your blog)?
    Hope everything is well!


    • irinapopov says:

      Your welcome!
      Applying these things is definitely difficult, but I’ve been trying. One thing I want to
      work on is taking my sin seriously, and diligently getting rid of it. =D

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