back from Seaside!

So… we just got back from the beach this weekend…and it was so awesome! The weather was perfect… most of the time, and the water was great. I LOVE THE OCEAN!!!… i think it should be the ultimate wonder of the world, lol.

But yeah, we had a great time there with our family. My brothers and I actually got to swim in the ocean, which some people think is crazy. Hah, weirdos, the water is perfectly warm, duh. But the water was pretty warm… I really enjoyed it. Artem and Andrey told me to dive in the big waves on my own, or else they would push me in by force.. so I dove. =D It was kinda chilly at first, but I got used to it, so it was all good.

I’ll post up some pictures soon…. they will tell it all


One Comment on “back from Seaside!”

  1. Sveta says:

    Dove into the big waves, huh? that’s how sharks get to feed their little ones, you know… here, fishy, fishy fishy šŸ™‚

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