prince of preachers

Charles Spurgeon, by the grace of God, has been a great example for me personally. His life had a huge influence on people all over the world. Living with his grandfather as a child, he grew up knowing a lot about theology. He started preaching at the age of 16, and by the age of 20, became the most popular preacher in all of england, if not the whole world. His life is such a great testimony to what a radical Christian should look like. Christ was truly dear to his heart, and he was driven by a love for him. As a broken and humbled child of God, he was able to achieve much for the work of God. You can get a glimpse of his love for the Lord upon his conversion:

“When my burden rolled from off my back it was a very real pardon… and when that day I said ‘Jesus Christ is mine’ it was a real possession of Christ to me. And when I went up to the sanctuary in that early dawn of youthful piety, every song was really a psalm, and when there was a prayer, oh, how I followed every word! It was prayer indeed! And so was it too, in silent quietude, when I drew near to God, it was no mockery, no routine, no matter of mere duty; it was real talking with my Father who is in Heaven. And oh, how I loved my Saviour Christ then! I would have given all I had for Him! How I felt towards sinners that day! Lad that I was, I wanted to preach, and – ‘Tell to sinners round, What a dear Saviour I had found.'”

Found in this book. The author truly captures the character of Spurgeon. One of the best biographies.

buy it here


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