by love

So often I think I have to earn God’s acceptance by behaving really well. I try really hard, by my own strength to be disciplined, read Bible everyday, not commit any scandalous sins, etc. Yet, regardless of how hard I try, I fail everytime… It’s because I forget that my salvation isn’t based on my performance, but rather on Jesus Christ. It’s so assuring to know that even when I fail so much, I am still accepted in God’s eyes because He sees me through Jesus! It’s pathetic that I even try to earn God’s favor through my actions.. That’s merely an expression of self-sufficiency.. how I think I can prove to God that I am a good person.
However, since God has already accepted me through Jesus, all I have left to do is be motivated by my love for God to honor Him alone. God, grant me to be motivated everyday by your grace and by a desire to worship you. Amen.



4 Comments on “by love”

  1. Alla says:

    Ah His love is sooo incredible!!!!

  2. Olga M says:

    I think its when I am disconnected from God that I begin this vicious cycle of trying to gain His acceptance. I forget that He is a personal God, that I am His bride. I think He is just out there, some big God, and that is why I think I can bribe Him into something..
    I think the closer my relationship is with Him, the less of this I will struggle with.. although it will probably always creep back in till the day I die.

    Love the snow btw 🙂

  3. Taylor says:

    And.. The closer are relationship with Him,
    The more larger our understanding is of Him and how much larger we see Him(The closer our understanding Is to who He really is!!)
    And its crazy that we try so hard to do it on our own, when really if we just abided and where amazed at God and in awh of His character, He would do the work in us.. Since He Himself wants us to produce fruit and bring Him glory!! We try to just be next to the vine, when we really need to be in it. No branch, no matter how strong, can survive apart from the vine..

    • Irina Popov says:

      true yeah.. we try to do so much (and constantly fail) and it just becomes a bunch of religious activity, to try to earn God’s favor. Its really simple though.. just come before Him in simplicity, in prayer as a child comes to a father, and abide in His word 🙂
      May we all grow in passion for the only One who satisfies!

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