Mr. Pilgrim

Then he took him by the hand, and led him into a very large Parlour that was full of dust, because never swept; the which after he had reviewed a little while, the Interpreter called for a man to sweep. Now when he began to sweep, the dust began so abundantly to fly about, that Christian had almost therewith been choaked. Then said the Interpreter to a Damsel that stood by, Bring hither the Water, and sprinkle the Room; the which when she had done, it was swept and cleansed with pleasure.

Then said Christian, What means this?

The Interpreter answered, This parlour is the heart of a man that was never sanctified by the sweet Grace of the Gospel: the dust is his Original Sin and inward Corruptions, that have defiled the whole man. He that began to sweep at first, is the Law; but she that brought water, and did sprinkle it, is the Gospel. Now, whereas thou sawest that so soon as the first began to sweet, the dust did so fly about that the Room by him could not be cleansed, but that thou was almost choaked therewith; this is to shew thee, that the Law, instead of cleansing the heart (by its working) from sin, doth revive, put strength into, and increase it in the soul, even as it doth discover and forbid it, for it doth not give power to subdue.

Again, as thou sawest the Damsel sprinkle the room with Water, upon which it was cleansed with pleasure; this is to shew thee, that when the Gospel comes in the sweet and precious influenes thereof to the heart, then I say, even as thou sawest the Damsel lay the dust by sprinkling the floor with Water, so is sin vanquished and subdued, and the soul made clean, through the faith of it, and consequently fit for the King of Glory to inhabit!

Pilgrim’s Progress

So I started reading Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. The allegories in this book totally represent the Christian life. This is just one example of the many that I liked.. Bunyan so accurately displays Jesus’ work in us šŸ™‚



4 Comments on “Mr. Pilgrim”

  1. soooo good!
    I loved that book but I dont remember this part, perhaps Ill have to read it again.
    I especially love the friendship that Faithful and Christian have šŸ™‚
    Lets always strive to be like that

  2. Roman says:

    After this book I would totally recommended “The Pilgrim’s Regress” by C.S Lewis, it’s this type of book but it’s focused more on the process of conversion.

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