good ‘ol spokane

This weekend has been bittersweet… had a blast driving with Alla down to Spokane, jammin to some awesome CDs,
screaming our lungs out at Silverwood.. I don’t know how I’ll survive in Vancouver without her. She’s the roller to my coaster. LOL, cheesy I know. Thats what friendship does.

I almost forgot how awesome Silverwood was! Thought I’d never have the chance to go back. There are so many memories at that place.. going there like twice every summer. Good times. I’m surprised that this time I actually overcame my fear of heights and made myself go on Panic Plunge (120 ft drop), TWICE. I loved it! Now I’m totally prepped for Six Flags =D

I guess I was so amused by all the rides that I didn’t even take a picture of us 😦 I guess there’s always a next time!


Summer fun

One of the primary tasks I have for this summer is finding a job. Yay! Seems like it would be so easy, but its not that simple. For the past few weeks I have been applying to any job opportunity that comes my way and seeking out some on my own. I’ve actually learned a lot so far…especially the fact that there’s much effort involved.

some tips:

– never apply without submitting both your resume AND cover letter
– if applying at a coffee shop, its best to be a consistent customer first, instead of just coming there for a job once
– check CRAIGSLIST!!!
– Smile during your interview
– At interview, never ask if they would be flexible in giving you time off to go camping during the summer (;P my mistake)
– send a thank you card (make sure you know the exact name of your interviewer.. don’t guess)

so as I continue my job-hunt, i’ll just enjoy these awesome jams


He’s not

far away

glad to be done.

Sooo.. after like THE LONGEST week this year, its finally FRIDAY..
now i’ll have to make a list of everything I wanna accomplish this summer.
blogging will probably be on the list 🙂 any other suggestions?

some beach..

nothings really more relaxing than going to the beach (especially right before finals week)


so we explored forest park today, despite the rainy forecast.
It turned out to be awesome, with a little bit of hail here and there.
the view was stunning, you had to be there

Canada ey

I had an awesome time exploring downtown BC with my fam 🙂